1. I think that the best thing I could ever recommend to a college student as a way to make money would be to start freelance writing. It is so flexible and has so much potential. If someone were to start in first year, by the time they finished school, they should be commanding a decent rate per article. Plus, that would be a bit of money they could use for revenue after finishing school.

  2. Those are some creative ways to earn money in college. While I was in college I did a lot of baby’s sitting to earn extra money. Not very creative, but it helped.

  3. I loved my work study too – it was in the school theater, working in the shop. It didn’t pay great, but it definitely made my resume look a lot better when I was just starting out after school.

  4. I used to do a work study program while I was in college, it was a great part time gig that paid me about $10 per hour. Now I drive for Lyft and Uber and make around $20 per hour, sometimes more, wish they had ridesharing when I was in school.