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  1. Wow, these are some really great tips, that I had somehow never heard before! I had no idea that insuring a more common vehicle would be less expensive, but that makes a lot of sense. And I will definitely have to look at my coverage, to see if I have overlapping medical coverage. Thanks so much for writing, I’ll have to take a look at my policy now!

  2. Great post Jon! Thank you for all of the tips! I am searching for auto insurance so knowing how to save money on it really helps. I like how you explained that”Some insurance companies offer a low mileage discount. This means that if you drive your car for less than 7,500 miles in a year, you can get a lower premium.”. I know that auto insurance can be pretty expensive so knowing how to save money on it really helps a lot.

  3. I appreciate your tip on how owning a common car can reduce your insurance payments. I never knew that companies gave discounts for having an average car. My wife and I are looking for a new car, maybe we should consider something more commonplace and practical.

  4. My husband and I just got our first car and we are very aware of the need to get auto insurance, so I really appreciate this information. I like how you point out that paying attention to discounts that you may qualify for can be a way to save money. I imagine that it takes a lot of research and focus to find the best plan, but it will be well worth it. Thanks for sharing this!

  5. You made a good point about the variety of discounts offered by most insurance companies . I feel like taking some time to review their discounts at least once a year would probably help you make sure that you were taking advantage of them consistently. It would also make sense to me to work with an experienced agent who knows how to hunt for more.

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