About Crystal

Crystal Marie lives by the philosophy that needing less rather than earning more is the key to happiness and financial serenity, which allowed her to “retire” from formal employment in health education at the age of 44. She can be found making the most of the second half on her blog, The Best 50 Years.


  1. AvatarAlexander Collins says

    Great tips. May I ask off-topic question?
    Why don’t you use h3 tags in your list of steps. Usually H-tags are bigger and make your text more readable ’cause it divides the article into blocks. Just try to do the experiment and compare 2 variants.
    Thanks for your time.

    • Avataradmin says

      Personally, I hadn’t thought that much about H-tags. Maybe I will try it if I have the time to get around to experimenting that way.

  2. Avatarkellylynn says

    Good article, very informative. I liked the part about riding on someone elses credit. Not everyone knows about it nor how quickly it works.