1. I have a great, easy one to add, up to 20% off Chipotle Gift Cards at Kroger!

    Right now at Kroger you can load a digital coupon and get an instant $5 off a Chipotle Gift Card!

    So, you could get a $25 Chipotle Gift Card for $20.

    I think I remember that the Gift Card must be more than $25, but I don’t think there’s an upward limit.

    I think it’s limit one per Kroger Plus account, but you could have friends and family do this for you on their Kroger Plus accounts so you could get as many as possible.

    I did it a few days ago, it works!

    ADDED BONUS! Right now this gift card and a few others get you 4x Kroger fuel points. So if you did this, you could also get an easy 100 fuel points, which is equivalent to a 10c/gallon discount!