About Mary Cunningham

Mary Cunningham would never claim to be a financial expert but has worked in the area of finance with personal taxes for over 15 years. Those personal taxes included all personal aspects, rental property and small businesses. She will be offering some Canadian insight to this venture but she came to live in Canada by way of Kentucky.


  1. AvatarPoor to Rich says

    I am hoping to hit an even $200 this month for my family of 5 ( 6 really as we feed the dog homestyle cooking so is like cooking for a 6th person) I really don’t think I can cut my groceries down even further although I am always trying without sacrificing health, it seems you can not do both as far as couponing and healthy eating…….you need to choose one or the other!

    But Yes I try to read labels and watch what we put in our bodies, as I try to go a whole-foods approach with a little raw foods, vegan and vegetarian meals mixed in.

    High Fructose corn syrup is a bad one along with carmel coloring! But then again so is anything refined or proceed like white flour. Did you know one tablespoon of sugar blocks your immune system from working properly? Our bodies where designed to be able to heal themselves but what we put into our bodies goes a long ways in stopping it from working properly.

    Good luck on your challenge! I am off to make homemade healthy granola cereals and muesli cereals now………….

  2. Avatar[email protected] says

    I agree with you on both counts: a) that reading label is important because there are more and more ingredients that are not very good for us sneaking in; and b) that cooking from scratch is much, much cheaper and better for us. I can probably be an example for many readers: two years ago you couldn’t see catch me in the kitchen, today I cook everything including bake bread. OK, I do have a bread making machine but still I make some great bread even if it mixes it.

    As an experiment I counted the ingredients in wholemeal bread in Marks and Spenser’s (high quality) – a loaf had 13-14 ingredients in it. Sorry but there are only five things that should be in bread! So we have not bought bread fro two years – we make our own.

  3. AvatarMatthew Allen says

    To me, trying to avoid high fructose corn syrup would be like trying to avoid buying anything that is made in China. Seems like a lost cause and near impossibility.

    The #1 thing we do to save on groceries is to shop at Save-A-Lot most of the time. Not sure if they are nationwide, but they are similar to Aldi’s. You get used to their store brands after awhile.