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    • If you continue to get deals as good as the latest, then I would go with the real estate for a while. Interest rates will eventually go up. I can’t believe that we aren’t coasting along at the bottom.

    • I am in the same boat. I wish that I had more cash to buy up some assets. Alas, I am paying off debt instead.

  1. I have held a bunch of cash for awhile now. My question is if and when a big correction hits, when should I pull the trigger? There is no way to know how low the indexes will go or how long they will stay down. I was thinking about buying 1/4 at a 15% drop, then 1/4 at 30%, then buy twice more on the way up? The problem with market timing is it looks a lot easier when you are looking back at the past. It is pretty tough in real time to know when to buy.

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