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Hi, my name is Jon and I run Compounding Pennies. I've been interested in personal finance since high school and have both my undergraduate and masters degree's in finance. I also have a Certificate in Financial Planning and am licensed by FINRA. I've spent over 15 years in the financial services industry helping people with their finances. You can learn more about me in my About page.


  1. AvatarSteveark says

    You did a good job of only presenting facts and opinions that support your argument. I didn’t see anything about how many months or even years that elective surgery is sometimes delayed in Europe and other countries where health care is done under a socialized system. You also didn’t address what the average citizen is forced to pay in extra taxes for this affordable care or the fact that in the US a patient is free to take a doctor or hospital to court if they are negligent while that is difficult or impossible in many of the enlightened socialist countries with supposedly superior systems. In my saying you are wrong but you’d be more believable if you presented the issue from both sides.