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  1. Edward, Daughter #2 reads almost entirely ebooks…but Daughter #1 and I both like the feel, texture and smell of holding a book, particularly an old one, in your hands. It’s identifying with those who read it before you. A kinship, almost.
    There’s a reason why the Captains on the Enterprise keep an actual BOOK, when they could just bring up the computer.
    On the other hand, I know you’re right when you say you can easily borrow or get titles free. And it’s certainly easier than lugging these around.
    All the same, I think I’ll stick to the actual book(s).

    Oh, and Jon? I only tend to buy books (even for resale) that I’m personally interested in. Partly because I have a better idea of those books’ going values.

    Thanks for chiming in. Good to hear from you!
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