About Carrie Hetu

Carrie Hetu is not a financial expert, but has been passionate about finances since the age of 19 years old when a neighbor introduced her to taxes. From that time, she has made a point to increase her financial literacy into areas of frugal living, investing, real estate, budgeting and passive income. She currently blogs at Poor to Rich a Day at a Time and Simply Homeschooled.


  1. AvatarTerri says

    Carrie, I really enjoyed reading this post. I like the outlined bare bones reality of living on minimum wage. You do so much in your writing and lifestyle to banish illusions. Thank you.

  2. AvatarMatthew Allen says

    Great tips and advice here Carrie. I think this should be required reading for the welfare class. Good to know that it is possible to survive and thrive on such little money without government assistance!