1. This is fascinating Carrie! Whilst I’m a long way from cash-only living I do try to take money, say £100, from the bank at a time and use that for all purchases eg food, fares, clothes etc, rather than putting these items on a card. That way, I’m far more conscious of what I’m spending, and potentially frittering away. Seeing an empty wallet is very sobering! Great to hear how it’s working for you.

  2. Oh yes, an empty wallet is very sobering LOL! I do think paying for things in cash almost always keeps one more conscious as it brings more emotion that we tie to cash, where a plastic card is more abstract and not near as “real” I think it is great you take cash from the bank for purchases!

  3. After I got myself into some debt after college, I went to a cash only lifestyle. Once I paid off my debt and was still using only cash, I slowly switched back to credit cards to get the rewards. I slowly went back in, and make it a point that whenever I made a purchase on my credit card, I would transfer the cash from my checking account to an account for my credit card. That way, I would always have the money to pay off the credit card.