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Maria writes at The Money Principle, where she believes smart people can win the Game of Wealth if they do two things: learn and act.


  1. AvatarPoor to Rich says

    Over the years my priorites have definatly changed, I think many who fear change get stuck in habitual cycles that keep them locked into a set of circumstances that will not change until they themselves are willing to embrace change and re-map a new course on occassion.

    My priorities have definatly changed over the years and most likely will continue to do so as each new chapter of my life is written.

    I have 3 large priorities right now, homeschooling which will come to an end in a few more years now but as of now is my top priority. I am always willing to put money up or find ways that always bring new experiences, new material in, new opportunities for learning and feeding my childrens greatest passions to keep their love for learning ignited.

    My second priority is keeping my family in tact, with close relationships, supported and cared for through good times and hardships. Clothed, fed, shelter and plenty of love and open communication. I see in many cases where the family unit has broken down and I try with everything I have to keep family unity and family values at the top of my priorties.

    My 3rd is that no matter what………..my husband WILL retire from the typical 9-5 job regardless of what this may mean for our lifestyle in 4 years. 2015 baby…………no matter how many laugh in our faces and tell us it is impossible on our income…………we WILL make it happen!

    These are not really things I gave too much thought too years ago, my agenda was totally different in my teens, changing in my 20’s, changing again in my 30’s, changing again even now in my 40’s.

    I think the more tools and skills we gain along the way becomes our diving board to changing how we think and then applying the new techniques to the way we live and priortize things.

    Great Post Maria!