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  1. AvatarDon @ MoneySmartGuides says

    I agree that unions were a good thing in the past. They did provide workers with many benefits and levels of safety that businesses were lacking. But now we have laws that protect workers and benefits are fairly standardized. Now, I just don’t see the point of unions. I look at it this way: there is no point for me to work hard to get ahead. No matter how hard I work, I’m going to benefit. Maybe that is the reason why so many feel as though they cannot get ahead in life. They are accustomed to just doing enough to keep their job and let the union take care of the rest. They don’t know how to work hard for promotions and raises. I know I am generalizing here, but I think it holds true for some.

    • AvatarMatthew Allen says

      Agreed Don. As a trucker, I’ve gone into many companies over the years. You can tell which shops are unionized right away, as their mentality is evident and obvious right away. “That’s not my job,” is a common phrase you’ll hear from union workers.

      I’ve also seen unions take down a few major trucking companies in the past decade. They just couldn’t afford to keep paying high wages and good benefits, all the while paying retirees their excellent pensions.