About Crystal

Crystal Marie lives by the philosophy that needing less rather than earning more is the key to happiness and financial serenity, which allowed her to “retire” from formal employment in health education at the age of 44. She can be found making the most of the second half on her blog, The Best 50 Years.


  1. Avatar[email protected] says

    I agree – emotions for me – why else would I have bust a gut for 22 months paying off £10k? I did it because if they didn’t, well they were coming from our “Home” that is what it is for us, our “Home” not a house.

    And over here the reality could be moving every six months or so at a Landlords whim- meaning a change of job, school and playschool if we couldn’t find something in our area.

    Too darn risky – instead I will hammer down the mortgage to make sure I am paying as little interest on my “Home” as humanely possible.

  2. AvatarCrystal says

    I figured out early on that owning a home was my only option beings I used to license my dogs as a pack rather than individually. Add a flock of chickens, a couple of pigs, a cat or two and a bunch of kids to the mix and nobody wants to rent to you! (And who can blame them?)