1. I agree – emotions for me – why else would I have bust a gut for 22 months paying off £10k? I did it because if they didn’t, well they were coming from our “Home” that is what it is for us, our “Home” not a house.

    And over here the reality could be moving every six months or so at a Landlords whim- meaning a change of job, school and playschool if we couldn’t find something in our area.

    Too darn risky – instead I will hammer down the mortgage to make sure I am paying as little interest on my “Home” as humanely possible.

  2. I figured out early on that owning a home was my only option beings I used to license my dogs as a pack rather than individually. Add a flock of chickens, a couple of pigs, a cat or two and a bunch of kids to the mix and nobody wants to rent to you! (And who can blame them?)