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    • Thanks Cindy…..they’re both great substitutes and I may try posting some more in a later article. I’ve really found since I’ve been trying to reduce some of the processed salt, I find I really taste it in canned soups and a few other things. Hope you enjoy it!

    • Thanks Allan…..and you’ve definitely got the right idea there…nothing better than your own homegrown herbs. And, as an aside, our bodies need salt….just not the processed stuff you can buy at the store…but a good sea salt with the minerals in it. There are a few great ones you can buy.

  1. Great ideas for substitutes… I will not have to run to the store every time that I am missing one ingredient. Thank you…

    • You’re more than welcome, Alyson. I hope to do another post with some more good ideas along this line. Glad you liked it.

    • Thanks Jane…..and you’re right….I especially love it because you can control the salt amount! Thanks for taking the time to comment…..it’s appreciated.

  2. I have found that going to an International Grocery store saves on buying spices. My favorite is an Indian grocery store… you can usually get spices in bulk for prices way below what you would buy in a regular grocery store for a small container..

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