1. It is a way of life for me but one that came with upbringing and not out of force however a skill I am glad to have had for when times are tough such as now 🙂

    I think of frugality not as being cheap or deprived, but a way to really make thoughtful decisions of spending. This allows me to cut back in areas in order to put our money to use in ways that bring value to us.

    • So glad to find another fellow frugaler (is that a word….if not, it should be…LOL) It sure is wonderful to have something to fall back on when we need it, isn’t it?

      Thanks for the comments… to find others of the same mindset.

    • I like the idea of making thoughtful spending decisions. It is by far the best approach.

  2. I choose to be frugal in certain aspects of my life so I can spend freely and enjoy other things. For example, I don’t need name brand cereal, soap, shampoo, laundry detergent, etc. With the savings I get in those areas I use towards traveling and seeing the world.

    • One definitely after my own heart…’s all in our priorities, isn’t it? Have you found people “wondering” how you can justify those things when you live so frugally otherwise? That’s a hard step to overcome, not trying to justify what others have to say…but that’s a topic for another day…:-)

  3. I definitely think I have inherited my frugality from my family. I do have standards, such as no cheap toilet paper, but I enjoy seeing money in my checking and savings account all because of a little frugality!

  4. I agree, cooking for one is really hard. I’m cooking for one had a half (myself and my toddler, who is picky about grown up food) so I feel your pain.

    One thing I do is I buy the large bags of frozen items and divide them up into individual servings in freezer bags so I can pull out just what I need one at a time and pop them in the toaster oven. I also freeze things into individual portions when I cook large amounts of something.

    • Having a picky toddler can make things even tougher….been there, done that. Thankfully, I don’t have to do that now but can say, he’s still quite picky as an adult…LOL

      You do a lot of things I do but haven’t tried separating things from a large bag of frozen items into individuals…..but would definitely take up much less room. Thanks for the tip.

    • We are going to have a difficult time adjusting. We are used to 6 kids. Next year the second will leave so it will be different for sure. However, it should be a somewhat gradual transition so maybe cooking for two won’t be that bad.

  5. I’ve grown a lot more frugal on clothing as I’ve gotten older. I no longer need the most fashionable name brands. Quality clothing is important, but what I discovered was that there’s such a premium on designer brands. Lot’s of money saved here.

    • This is so true…..such a mark-up in these things. The thing I’ve found with clothing is to look for quality and buy what you can afford. The sad thing today, though, is that so many things are made so cheaply, it’s hard to find quality even in the more expensive brands. Have you found that?

  6. Enjoyed the article, made me chuckle about the sweet potatos. Sure we all do that more often than we would like to admit. Its amazing what you find at second hand stores. What is the name of the store you go to and where is it? Weather we have had plenty or little I have always stayed within our means with a little left over. Live like no one else so you can live like no one else!!! Thats from Dave Ramsey…

    • Hi Karyn, glad I could pull a chuckle…..if we can’t laugh at ourselves, who can we laugh at? 🙂 I’m constantly amazed at what I find at thrift stores…if they don’t outprice themselves. Here in St. Catharines, I shop at Christian Benefit Shop, Bibles for Missions, Value Village (the impertinent price raiser) and a few other local shops. There’s also a few others in the immediate region I shop. Love Dave Ramsey & his theories but he does get a little intense sometimes…LOL

  7. Great article as frugality is a personal finance tool we can use to get out of a pinch one week or help us retire early. It all depends how far you want to take it. I rather be frugal for 2 months, and then I open my wallet to take the family away for a 3 day weekend. I use frugalness wisely to get me what I need.