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  1. I have never bought groceries online before, but I seriously considered it when Peapod had a special offer a few months ago. Maybe one of these days, although it would have to be cheap or at least on par with what I actually pay at the store.

  2. Yes, I’ve tried shopping online at two of my local supermarkets, both delivery and pick-up, and it’s been a positive experience but I don’t use it on a regular basis. Like you, my orders are on the smaller side and my wife and I have the time to shop. But for larger families, busy people, people who would otherwise have to shop with children, and those who have difficulty shopping in the store, it may make sense. At least in my area, prices are the same online as in the store, and there’s a no tipping policy. You can check out the details in my post Are shop at home services right for you?.

  3. Be on the lookout for free delivery codes on sites like Retail Me Not. I find them just about every time for Safeway and Giant delivery.

    I’ve had experiences ordering produce though. But since I live in a large metro, I’d have to walk with 40 lbs of groceries in the heat. I’m willing to take the chance in exchange for the convenience.


  4. Personally, I think grocery shopping is a very pleasurable and somewhat therapeutic activity, so online grocery shopping takes that away. Arguably, it is quite convenient, but wouldn’t it be even more convenient if they would just deliver, instead of having you drive down there? If you had to drive down to the store, anyway, why not just do your grocery shopping yourself? But then, if you think about the number of times that you got carried away while grocery shopping because there are just so much good stuff to be had, then this could be a great alternative, if you’re trying to strictly keep to your grocery list.