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  1. Wow that sounds like quite the storm! Great tips as well, I know we had areas flood badly earlier this year and many of the homeowners did not have flood insurance and that can be so devastating!

    Curious though, for renters, how much in material possesions would you say would be needed to be worthy of insuring? $5,000 or more? Just curious as I never thought I really had enough to concern myself with renters insurance so I often wondered what amount I should have before renters insurance would be worth it.
    Poor to Rich a Day at a Time recently posted..What I Would Tell Myself Going Back In TimeMy Profile

  2. Poor to Rich, I used to work for two different insurance agents —and had a property/casualty license myself, for a while. We had renters geting insurance for much less than the $5000 you’re mentioning…prices are quite reasonable if you’re insurance only a thousand or so. That figure generally covers basic furniture plus a stereo and tv.

    Thanks for writing. Our neighborhood is currently filled with the sound of heavy trucks dropping off shingles, and the sound of hammering — pretty much everybody in the neighborhood are having their roofs replaced!
    Cindy Brick recently posted..All Right, Farmers!My Profile

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