1. AvatarKC @ genxfinance says

    This is what I’ve been doing especially when I’m stressed. I’m not eating properly and I reach for sugar instead to keep me going. Not very healthy.

    • AvatarMiss T says

      My hubby is like you- a stress eater. He still munches but is getting better about the choices which is good. Nuts, fruit, and plain popcorn work great.

  2. AvatarCindy Brick says

    This is a great article!

    I was also thinking… there surely are comfort foods you like that are less in calories — make sure you’ve got an ample supply of them. I have reluctantly come to the conclusion that I can only buy Tostito ‘Hint of Lime’ chips once or twice a year — I just can’t leave them alone. BUT – I’m also fond of those little clementine oranges, so I stock a bunch when they’re in season.

    I’d also suggest stocking tea, coffee or another low-calorie drink you like. You may actually be thirsty, instead of hungry!

    • AvatarMiss T says

      We have done the same. Keeping healthy snacks on hand makes a big difference.

      It is true – dehydration can mask as hunger so fluids are always a good thing to try first.