1. AvatarTeresa @ A Game of Balance says

    I really feel that everyone should be a server at some point in their life: it teaches you so much about work and interpersonal relationships in general that it is an invaluable experience regardless of what field you end up in.

    This is a great application of serving to writing; I love these ideas.

  2. Avatar[email protected] says

    I was not cut to wait tables; and I have to add that I don’t consider this to be beneath me – I am just too clumsy to do it well. But I LOVE the message of this post and the way in whcih it was delievered – indeed, it is much better to have a slightly smaller proportion of a much bigger pie than the whole of a small one. We often forget this; we do worse – we forget that it is better to have 50% of a pie than 100% of nothing.

    I am so posting this one on Facebook!

    • Avataradmin says

      I don’t see how they can carry so much food on a tray. I am like you and would probably drop many meals and break lots of dishes.

      • Avatar[email protected] says

        Ha! Even professionals do it. Have I told you about a tray of dirty plates being dropped on my back in a place in Madrid? And Spanish food is very fatty. Horrid, this was.

        • Avataradmin says

          I can’t imagine having something like that dropped on me. Fortunately, I have only had simple things like a little bit of water spilled.