How To Fix A Cracked Phone Screen


how to fix a cracked phone screenWe’ve all been there before.

We are rushing around and we drop our smartphone.

Ideally, the case and even screen protector that we are using should limit the damage, but many times they do not.

We end up with a cracked phone screen.

What are your options? Fix it? Buy a new phone? Go online to buy a cheap used replacement?

In this post, I am going to walk you through how to fix a cracked phone screen.

I’ll even give you some tips on how to avoid cracking the screen in the first place.

Options For How To Fix A Cracked Phone Screen

When it comes to fixing a cracked phone screen, you have 2 options:

  • Hire a professional
  • Do it yourself

There are advantages and disadvantages to both options and I walk you through all of them below.

Let’s start out looking at the professional option.

Hiring A Pro

When you use a professional to fix your cracked screen, you can either go back to the manufacturer, like Apple or Samsung, or you can choose to use a third party firm.

If you choose to go back to the manufacturer, you are looking at spending anywhere from $110 up to $150 for the fix.

With Apple, you can go to their authorized repair shops and see how long it will take to repair.

If one of the shops is not near you, then you will have to mail your phone into Apple. In this case, you will be without a phone for about a week.

Before you shriek at the thought, you can get a loaner from Apple during this time for an extra cost of $29. The cost to repair an iPhone 6 Plus is currently $130 and the iPhone 6 is $110.

As for Samsung, your only option is to mail your phone into them, but they are testing the waters with physical locations to repair cracked phone screens.

Their goal is to have your screen replaced in an hour at these stores. For now though, you will be without your phone for about a week as well. The cost to repair a Galaxy S4 or S5 is $150.

Finally, we have HTC. They actually offer a free cracked screen repair service, the catch being that you need to have purchased your phone in the last six months.

If you would rather not go directly to the manufacturer, there are plenty of third party stores that offer to fix cracked phone screens. One great store is iCracked.

They have stores throughout the US and repair cracked phone screens on site. This means you will get your phone fixed in about an hour.

They even offer a lifetime warranty on their parts. To fix an iPhone or Galaxy phone, the price is around $100.

The reason I mention iCracked is because they are reputable. You can search on Craigslist and find a ton of places that claim to fix cracked phone screens.

Most are more trouble than they are worth.

First, they won’t guarantee their work.

Second, they offer attractive prices, usually under $50, because the glass they use is substandard.

This matters because should you drop your phone again (and you know you will), you are almost guaranteed to have the glass break again.

If you had paid for the standard glass product, your dropped phone might have survived the fall.

Do It Yourself

To save some money, you can go the DIY route. Just know that this route is definitely not for everyone. The biggest issue is that you will be dealing with very small parts – like screws.

This means you will need special tools as well as a ton of patience.

Take it from me, small screws suck.

I wear glasses and deal with small screws all of the time. It usually takes me a good 10 tries to get the screw back into place. I dread the times when I have to make a repair.

If that didn’t scare you off, then you can get a repair kit to fix your phone for around $90.

iFixit is a good place to look first. They also have other parts in addition to screens as well, if you have other issues you feel like tackling.

Final Thots

In all, how to fix a cracked phone screen is not very complicated. You can either go with a pro or do it yourself.

For most, going with a third party firm is good enough. You will save some money and will have your phone all shiny and like-new again in about an hour.

Just make sure you are getting a guarantee and quality glass too.

For those reading this that are fortunate enough to not have a cracked phone screen, or just got a new screen, there are some things you can do to protect your phone.

First is a quality case. I use CaseCrown and love it. I’ve dropped my phone a couple of times now and although the case shows evidence of this, the phone looks brand new.

Another must have is a high quality screen protector. My wife and I use BodyGuardz.

It’s amazing.

My wife dropped her phone and I thought for sure it was toast. When we looked at the screen, it had a huge gash in it.

Upon closer examination though, we realized the gash was the screen protector. When we peeled it off, the screen was in perfect condition.

Readers, what are your thoughts on how to fix a cracked phone screen? What products do you use to protect your phone?

7 thoughts on “How To Fix A Cracked Phone Screen”

  1. I think Third Party repair is best option like iCracked because it has low cost repair and they even offer a lifetime warranty on their parts. I use Zagg screen protector to protect my phone.

  2. Great tips on self repair! For those that are relatively tech savvy, it can be a great solution. For those who aren’t, that’s when your friendly phone repair biz is worthwhile.

  3. I would suggest taking it to a professional that has experience fixing this type of item. These phones have very small components and are quite hard to fix correctly without the proper tools.

  4. I agree that you should hire a pro to fix your cracked screen. Otherwise, you’ll probably mess your phone up even more. Watching a tutorial can give you the knowledge, but not the experience you’d need to succeed.

  5. DIYing a screen repair can be intimidating, but there are so many YouTube tutorials out there that anyone can be an expert. Even still, if you are too scared, you can take it to a shop and they will fix it for pretty cheap. Thanks for sharing.

    1. I agree. A lot of repairs can seem overwhelming. But YouTube is an excellent resource no matter the job. Odds are you will be able to find out how to make the repairs in a video.

  6. When it comes to fixing screens I found that finding people that I knew and knew how to do it would actually cut me a deal as long as I ordered the screen. It was cheaper than hiring a professional! Thanks for sharing these options!

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