1. Thanks for the information. My father passed away a few days ago, so now we’re planning a funeral. Like you said, I’d like to save as much money as possible, so I’m going to follow your tip about doing a lot of process before choosing a burial plot. Do you have any other tips especially for me?

  2. My sister just passed away and we can’t afford a traditional funeral. We’ve gone ahead with cremation instead, but I know my mom is really sad we didn’t get to do a full-scale funeral for her. I wish we could afford it. I think we are going to surprise mom by having some of the ashes put into handmade glass art. I’ve seen some really pretty colored orbs, with swirls of ashes inside, that look like small galaxies! Lexie would have loved that.

  3. I think that people underestimate the cost of funerals, until it hits them all at once. It is enough to have to deal with mourning, let alone trying to fund a funeral. Thus, saving money wherever you can, from caskets to funeral homes, is a great idea

  4. Price shopping for your casket has to be probably be the best way to save money on burial funerals since they are just such a big expense. I’m glad the article mentioned the grave liner vs burial vault. I did not now their was a cost difference.