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JT writes about general financial topics and shares some personal experiences here on Penny Thots as well as his two other blogs, Cash Flow Mantra. When not blogging, JT works full-time and tries, along with his lovely wife, to corral a half dozen kids.


  1. Avatar[email protected] says

    Yep, I do track my/our net worth; and really enjoy seeing it going up, and up…This is how I started calling our debt ‘negative wealth’ – it is technically correct, save me using the ‘d’ word and focusing on it (you get what you focus on, right?) and make me different. I also think that Control Your Cash have got it really right – sell liabilities and buy assets is the way to a wealthy life full of joy.

  2. AvatarSkint in the City says

    I don’t do this but I’m going to start now! Always been a bit nervous of doing so in case I get bummed out by the result, but you’re right – it’s better to know which direction you’re headed in so it can be changed if need be!

  3. AvatarBo says

    I track my net worth each month as well as my debt/equity ratio. It’s really awesome to watch your % of debt decrease as you are tracking your net worth. It’s also nice to look back at each month and see from a year or two back how much progress you have made in your debt and your net worth.