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  1. Thanks for your article. Interesting. There are thousands of ICOs that have entered the market with a few which are running on Gold also. GOLDCOIN and GOLDBLOCKS have already made inroads to the market space and hit public exchanges. While the Karatbars coin seems like a good idea ( I am a member of Karatbars too ) it remains a pretty centralised currency until such time it hits a public exchange. We saw a coin in South Africa Pipcoin as well as OneCoin both been centralised so-called crypto but the owners control its price. Once Pipcoin went onto a public exchange its value went from its owners R100 to R0.49 per coin. That tells you a lot. Yes we cannot compare gold with so-called crypto but the idea of Crypto is that it remains as decentralised as possible. Could you give an indication on when this coin would go public?

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