1. Octomom isn’t that Kate plus 8 broad? That’s my lesson learned right there. I try not to pay attention to that crap. The only reality TV I even somewhat enjoy is the show put on by a good wholesome family, the Duggars. They use their opportunity to be on TV to bring glory to God by showing right from wrong in leading by example. I have no use forall that other smut on TV.

  2. Maybe it’s crap, Matthew, but it’s entertaining crap! And look at all the useful lessons I’ve picked up over the years. 🙂
    No, Kate plus 8 is another reality show person. And she’s a blond. But yep, some of the same issues otherwise.
    Thanks for writing.

  3. You’re right Cindy – you did pick up some useful lessons and were able to word them in an entertaining post. There is the entertainment value right there!