1. I’ve been staying pretty good with changes I’ve made over the last 12 months. The main one for me is to focus on eating at home more and not going out to eat so much. Luckily, if I decide I want to go out to eat my girlfriend will usually ask me if that is what I really should be doing.

    Send the company a nice email explaining what happened with your slippers and that you were disappointed in the quality. I’d include a picture even. They might send you a replacement pair.

    • Thanks for the comments, Jennifer. I focused more on eating at home last year and continue it now. Thanks for the reminder of contacting the company….I’ve done that before and been pleasantly surprised by some responses.

      Enjoyed your article, the stores here started charging 5 cents for a bag, encouraging people to bring their own bags but haven’t seen any discounts for bringing them. Maybe we should look into that…..:-)

  2. Great piece Mary. l deceided through frugal living to “down brand” some items of grocery shopping – to test the difference in price & flavour. I did the same with the dogs food, for a whole month she had had the cheapest of cheap tinned dog food 30p a tray cheaper than the next shops own brand. However, she ate it 1 day then left it the next, this went on all week, even to the point of not eating at all. So we went back to the shops own brand & bingo she was back to her normal eating routine.

    So changing back now & then to re-assure your point is never a bad thing.

    • I know what you mean Julie…..some of the store brands are as good as the regular ones but like your dog, I’ve run into some that I’ve dumped….:-)

      Thanks for your thoughts…..and so good to hear from you here.

  3. Yes, you are so right… I find it very difficult to find good quality products that will stand the test of time and made in Canada or the US. It seems that everything from clothes to electronics are made to break down and end up in the dump way too soon.

    Keep us thinking…

    • Thanks for your comments, Alyson…..we’ve definitely become a throw-away society and nothing is made to last…..just for us to buy, buy, buy. But there I go on my soap box again….:-) I’ll climb back down…..