1. My sister makes it a point to avoid buying things from China. It’s tough when we buy gifts for my niece as we have to find products not made in China. My niece (who is 3) will look at the toys tag to make sure it isn’t made in China. It’s hilarious!

    • Jon, that is too cute! I think that also says something about how aware your sister is to it and expresses it…:-) It’s really tough to find things but I’m turning it into a game.

  2. I’ve started doing this with food products – trying to check the labels can be challenging. One thing I will NOT buy is snow peas from China – heard horror stories about how they are grown.

    • Eve, food seems to be an even harder area of avoiding “made in China.” This was something else that stirred this in me….I was in Food Basics and was scanning the shelves for something and there was a whole section of canned goods with just those words staring at me and I had to wonder why we have to do that when we have the products here. And, I’ve heard horror stories about quite a few products….;-)

  3. Very good article. I have come to the conclusion that buying local is about the only way to find a lot of items. I have, over the years, bought pottery at local flea markets to use. But it is hard to find a lot of products not made in China. I decided to not shop at Wal-Mart a few years ago because of poor quality. Good luck in the shopping endeavor.

    • Thanks Rob…..and you’re right, buying local is the way to go. Granted, it might cost a little more up front but then doesn’t have to be constantly replaced. WalMart, don’t get me started….:-)

  4. I completely support your goal of reducing Chinese made goods, and reducing what we buy that is imported has been an element of life for my wife and I for a couple of years now. It is TRULY amazing what you learn if you start reading labels about where the products you buy are made and how they are distributed. China has displayed a total and complete lack of concern over the safety or healthfulness of products, including food products, they export.

    I have been involved in effecting change a few times – maybe not on a global scale, but at least one was a state-wide reform. I find it most effective to focus attention on one issue at a time. I have a hard time making sure my facts are straight if I’m campaigning for several issues, and what will get you shot down faster than anything else is getting caught disseminating erroneous facts. Even if it’s an honest mistake, the loss of credibility can stop you dead.

    • Thanks Allan….I appreciate the support. It seems a lot of people are really put out with this problem. You’re so right about correct facts…..and like you, need to focus on one thing & try to do it the best I can. Thanks for the comments.