1. AvatarMatthew Allen says

    “Trying to avoid debt completely in the modern economy is unrealistic.” Really? Perhaps this is why the “modern economy” is so screwed up. So many people are brainwashed to believe that a statement like this is true. I don’t think it is unrealistic at all to completely avoid debt. It’s not likely to happen for most people, but it is still a noble goal.

    • AvatarMiss T @ Prairie Eco-Thrifter says

      I am not so sure. I think we need to be realistic with what we strive for. I am not advocating debt, I am just pointing out how for things like houses and tuition, we often don’t have a choice. The trick is to make sure you only bite off what you can chew.

  2. AvatarSkint in the City says

    Great post – thanks! I’ve been pondering debt management this week and am about to open a new bank account for ‘found money’. Whether I put with all proceeds directly into debt management or investment I’m not sure yet. You’ve really given me food for thought.