1. “…get a friend who is good at Tetris to organize the loading of the truck.”

    Love this tip! I am amazed at how much space is wasted in many areas due to lack of proper packing and stacking. I don’t know how great I am at Tetris, but I sure could be the friend who got maximum use of space in a moving truck.:)

    Nice article, btw.

  2. For packing material, I just save all of the material that comes in the boxes I get when shopping online. It all goes into a trash bag to keep until I need to use it.

    Also, I’ve only had to move short distances so I ‘hire’ a few friends who have trucks. They help me and either I help them or I buy them beer and pizza and we call it even.

  3. Best tip though – declutter before you move, that way you have to physically pack less stuff.

    Figure out the cost of moving your “less than valuables” and work out if its easier selling one side and rebuying second hand the next.

    And Always, Always. Always have the first box off the truck the one containing the coffee fixings, mugs and favourite snack stuff of the kids. Costs a fortune on moving day buying those incidentals.

  4. Interesting tips. Last time I moved was 20 years ago and I had a suitcase and a bit (my minimalist phase; not by choice but curcumstances). I suspect that if we move now, I’ll hire removal people – pricing the time and the stress tells me it will be cheaper and have fewer negative implications (like injuries and arguments).

  5. Moving could be a very hectic process if not done with proper plannig and it could be heavy on your pockets too. So must follow the steps before relocating to some other place

  6. As a moving company, these are great tips for preparing for an upcoming move. When it comes to moving boxes, ask around. You would be surprised by how many of your friends or family can get you moving boxes for a discounted rate or most likely for free.

  7. From how firm the delivery time frame will be to how many people will be loading and unloading your goods, get a detailed rundown of how the move will work. Always try to get estimates from at least three movers too. If you’re serious about getting all the details, comparing the three estimates and your notes should show a clear winner.

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