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Hi, my name is Jon and I run Compounding Pennies. I've been interested in personal finance since high school and have both my undergraduate and masters degree's in finance. I also have a Certificate in Financial Planning and am licensed by FINRA. I've spent over 15 years in the financial services industry helping people with their finances. You can learn more about me in my About page.


  1. AvatarPoor to Rich a Day at a Time says

    While it certainly takes a certain type of person to do well with network marketing, it is a great thing to try at least for a year if you are an entrepenueral type at all. Network Marketing companies are a prime business model of success built on the concept of the power in numbers and OTHER. You are using Other peoples Time, Other Peoples money and building a large number of people in your network where success is shared. Then if you have a consumable excellent product you can stand behind ( Amway comes to mind with high quality) it is all good. 🙂

    Being able to handle rejection is a must in network marketing though! LOL

  2. AvatarMary says

    Hi Ed,

    Good points here and a lot I agree with. I feel that Amway gave network marketing a bad taste in a lot of people’s mouth and it will always be there. Like you, I hate to sell and always said I couldn’t sell a rosary to a nun…:-) I have looked at several companies but usually felt their products cost too much for most people to continue to buy but I did do home parties for one company here in Canada for a while that I felt was the best I’d seen. The majority of their products were under $10, they were healthy and reduced the amount of salt you ingested and because they made food, it was a consumable product that pretty well assured it would provide repeat customers. The best party was the products were really good and they pretty well sold themselves. It fit with me well as I loved to cook and trade recipes but then found that I lost a lot of that desire when my husband passed away and I didn’t feel I did the products justice because I didn’t use them every day like before.

    Like anything out there, you have to weigh all the pros and cons with each individual company but if you feel you can honestly represent the products, then it could be a good fit for you. I wouldn’t sell anything to anyone that I didn’t use and love myself and if you can’t do that then it’s definitely not the right fit for you.


  3. AvatarRobert Strong says

    Learn from the uplines in your network marketing organization, especially the successful ones. They have walked in your shoes and have come out ahead. They are a valuable resource from which to learn the ins an outs of the company. Ask questions and share concerns to become an effective salesperson and recruiter.