1. I think the best way is to sell car online. a lot of buyers are available online to negotiate with the auto dealers. Moreover, one will easily get auto shipping facility to deliver the vehicle at required destination.

  2. I am also considering this direction. Dealing in the old car is the most convenient way to deal. As it offers up the trade in until after it comes to an agreement on the price of the new car.

  3. Might I say, that was really smart seeing what the dealership would offer, Jon. You got a good idea of what your car was worth straight from the people who know how to sell it– rather than KBB. I opted to list my car online recently to see what I could get for it. Ultimately, I didn’t sell it because I love it (and therefore I want way too much money than people are willing to pay). I wanted to share that I got a lot of scammers and spammers who found my car on Autotrader. I’d recommend craigslist and the Facebook marketplace if anyone is thinking of going the listing route.