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  1. Such a great idea Jon! We are planning to buy our for our first own house, we are still saving for it. I love visualizing goals, I had watched from an interview before that one woman who used to be a vendor, seller before, every time she came into their little house, she always looked at the photos that soon they would have a big house and they will visit a lot of countries.
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  2. Save money any place you can. Cash back cards, as you mention, are great. The side hustle is a big one. I posted about my side hustle here.

    Always look for ways to save. Quit smoking, don’t drink in a bar. Only drive where you have to. And if you save 20% downpayment, you can avoid PMI which saves $100s per month.
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    • I bought my first house with 10% down. It took some work but was well worth it. When housing prices dropped, my house went underwater, but not by as much had I not put anything down.

  3. I think now that it is even harder to qualify for a mortgage, that buyers really do have to buckle down and save their pennies. Even with government assistance, they still sometimes still require a down payment. We plan on saving for quite some time before even thinking about purchasing a house.

    • When I was looking to sell my house, this is what hurt me. Banks were so scared after the housing collapse that if you didn’t bring 20% as a down payment, you weren’t getting a loan. Since so few actually had that much saved, house sales stalled and eventually prices dropped even further. In my case, I went underwater because of it and decided to rent out my house instead of bringing money to the table at closing.

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