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Tracy Scott is a freelance content marketing writer who specializes in personal finance and higher education. She is a regular contributor at Earn It Save It where she loves writing about new ways for people to earn and save money online.


  1. Avatarweenie says

    Interesting post – I can’t say that I’m passionate about my work because I don’t love doing it, but I can definitely say that I am engaged, because I do my best and enjoy doing a good job.

    The company I work for excels at pushing us out of our comfort zones but you’re right, it’s down to the employee to improve engagement. If you are bored or have nothing to do, then you need to ask for work to keep yourself busy, learn something new, help someone out. If that’s not available where you work, then perhaps it’s time to move on.

    • Jon DulinJon Dulin says

      You can’t blame the employer if you are bored all day long. At some point, you need to take the initiative and ask for more work or see if anyone needs help with theirs.

  2. AvatarNZ Muse says

    I’m passionate about my work. Slightly less so since I changed direction this year, in terms of most of my day-to-day, but definitely still passionate about the mission and certain projects.

    I really wish my partner could find a job where he gets, at the very least, satisfaction.

    • Jon DulinJon Dulin says

      It can be hard to find a job you are passionate about. I know I’ve been in jobs I hated and it seemed like I couldn’t find anything better. But I kept a positive attitude and eventually found something better.

  3. AvatarMichelle says

    I was very engaged in my job for quit a long time and followed did a lot of the things you talked about: learned new skills, focused on my what I really enjoyed at work, did the stuff I didn’t enjoy well-so that I could focus on what I really liked. I do think that people forget that you’re not going to enjoy every single task that you undertake-even in a dream job situation.

    • Jon DulinJon Dulin says

      So true Michelle. There were (and still are) days I dislike working even though I am doing something I really enjoy doing.

  4. AvatarKate @ Money Propeller says

    I totally agree that being a passion and engage on your job doesn’t guarantee a high salary. My hubs work as a software engineer by profession and he really love his job and also the company that he’s working.