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Hi, my name is Jon and I run Compounding Pennies. I've been interested in personal finance since high school and have both my undergraduate and masters degree's in finance. I also have a Certificate in Financial Planning and am licensed by FINRA. I've spent over 15 years in the financial services industry helping people with their finances. You can learn more about me in my About page.


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  3. AvatarDerek Hopper says


    Do you worry about inflation risk and try to fight it? Or do you simply realize inflation risk is there and it’s a thing that factors into your choices? My father always talks about inflation, but I’ve never really been able to do anything actionable about it. I guess I just try to invest in funds that have achieved 6-12% returns.

    • Jon DulinJon Dulin says

      I don’t worry about it. I see it as a part of life and you just have to be smart when you save and invest so that you don’t lose purchasing power. I think our parents are more concerned with it because of the spike in interest rates back in the late 70s early 80s. For our lives, inflation has been under control for the most part.