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  1. Amen on the disposables! We have cloth diapers and wipes from our first baby, but we started off using disposables this time – just until we could figure out getting laundry done with two kiddos to watch. Diapers are expensive – it doesn’t take long to recoup the cost of a single cloth diaper (that you can sell when you are done with it!)

    • We don’t have kids yet, but are looking into disposables when it comes time for kids. Any way to save money with kids catches our attention!

  2. I happen to do a lot of the things you mention for saving money. Brewing my own coffee at home is one and my all purpose cleaner/rust remover…. vinegar! It works wonders on rust removal in the bathroom for my light fixtures. Thanks for sharing!
    DivHut recently posted..Dividends From The GraveMy Profile

    • I’ve been doing some cleaning and maintenance around the house these past few weeks and I’ve used vinegar to clean more in that time than I think I have my entire life!

  3. This is a smart list of overlooked ways to save money. I had a friend who always kept this Emerald Cocoa Almonds and water in her car. She said they were a life saver and gave her something to snack on during her long commute home. I took her advice and I now keep food in my car too.
    Secondly, this year when its time for new glasses I’m going the mail order route. I heard of too many people saving loads of money buy do the try-on & purchase via mail option. Great post, shared!
    Naomi @ Rising Net Worth recently posted..Relocating Cross Country: The Nomad EditionMy Profile

  4. I take the coffee tip to an extreme: I take caffeine pills rather than drinking coffee. Honestly, I do it because of laziness and because they’re easier on my stomach, but they come out to about 5 cents each when bought in bulk. Also, many workplaces have free coffee for employees.

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