About Carrie Hetu

Carrie Hetu is not a financial expert, but has been passionate about finances since the age of 19 years old when a neighbor introduced her to taxes. From that time, she has made a point to increase her financial literacy into areas of frugal living, investing, real estate, budgeting and passive income. She currently blogs at Poor to Rich a Day at a Time and Simply Homeschooled.


  1. AvatarMary says

    I think there’s quite a few around here that have been down this road…..or are still going through it. Great tips Carrie…..and good food for thought.

    It’s quite amazing how quickly you can accumulate money when you focus on putting aside change or whatever you choose.

    • AvatarPoor to Rich a Day at a Time says

      Agreed Mary, I think many can relate to the beyond tight financial picture but thankfully there are always things we can choose to do that can help ease things up a bit. It can be quite amazing to see money accumulate once you get the ball rolling!

  2. AvatarSkint inthe City says

    Really like these ideas Carrie, thanks. Most of think when money is so tight that we can’t posdsibly save but you’re right – even if it’s just odd coins found under the bed, it’s something! I’ve just been pondering found money and discovered some sources of it that I didn’t realise I had till I started thinking about them http://skintinthecity.com/make-more-money. TRhanks for the inspiration you’ve given with this post!

    • AvatarPoor to Rich a Day at a Time says

      Your welcome! I LOVE your idea of opening a savings account and keeping tabs on how much found money you accumulate………. Money Under the Mattress Link Up Challenge for 2013 perhaps? You know I would be up to participate in that! LOL

  3. AvatarCindy Brick says

    Don’t forget about stocking up on extra food — then using that as a ‘savings account’ to withdraw from when things get tight.

    I always feel a little more prosperous when I look at the extra cans of soup and stew on the shelves…

    A great post — thank you!

  4. AvatarPoor to Rich a Day at a Time says

    Oh yes, stocking up on food, is always a great savings plan LOL, while hard to do sometimes on limited budgets, one of the saving catagories for extra money could easily be put towards stocking up a pantry. This alone can relieve a lot of stress when things get tight! Thanks for the reminder and addition!