1. Ed, I used to do the same thing at my mom’s when my boys were little and money was really tight….memories, huh?

    That woman reminds of all the people who say they have nothing to wear, yet have a closet crammed full of things they never touch. I guess it all comes down to what we consider having “nothing” and setting our priorities…:-)

  2. As poor newlyweds, we’d go shopping at the folks’ farm a LOT. Especially in their freezer — they often butchered a steer in the fall, and shared pounds and pounds of steak, roast and burgers. (Sigh. Those were the days…)

    I’ve tried to return the favor when our twenties-something daughters come visiting. They always seem to appreciate it.

    It’s amazing how much you really do have to work with, if you take stock of it.

  3. So true Cindy…..since I live so far away from my kids, I’ve not been able to physically return the favour but have tried to do it other ways….and I also try to help out others. Love to be able to pay it forward.