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  1. I’ve done erewards in the past (when all I had was a baby or a toddler running around). It was a good way to put something a little extra in my pocket. I don’t do them anymore though, as you’ve discovered they don’t pay well for the time, and I just don’t have enough hours in the day anymore. If I’m going to be sitting at the computer poking buttons it’ll be for swagbucks. I’ve never had a problem with junk mail coming from them, but maybe that’s just me…?
    Janeen recently posted..Takeaways from January, 2015My Profile

  2. they really pay, I have redeemed some itunes gift card, butit seems there is no invite link work anymore? e-rewards have update all of it. seems closed.

  3. I noticed that I wasn’t getting surveys lately, so I went onto the website to try to log in and got a message that my account was inactive. When I contacted member services I was sent a message saying that my account was permanently closed because it was alleged that member services had reviewed the account and determined that I had violated some policy. I sent in a dispute and have not received a response…all in all, I think erewards isn’t worth it if this is how they treat their member panels (and I had amassed over 300 points that I now cannot access)…

    • e-Rewards is a scam. No one should waste their time filling out surveys on there. I have read countless reports on people losing access to their account when they were close to the redemption threshold. I have earned and redeemed over $200 in points and miles but just last week my account was randomly suspended (I was around $96) for the same reason you noted in your comment. Please don’t waste your valuable time filling out surveys for this corrupt business.

  4. E-Rewards is a SCAM!!
    I amassed point worth a few thousands and never cashed in.
    when i finally tried getting a redemption i was told im in violation

  5. E-rewards is legit! I have earned 30,000 Hilton honors points this month. I think people are referring to e-miles. That is a scam.

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