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Maria writes at The Money Principle, where she believes smart people can win the Game of Wealth if they do two things: learn and act.


  1. AvatarMoneySmartGuides says

    I recognize many of the signs you listed. When I first graduated college, I had a hard time finding a job and ended up using my credit cards to buy things to make me feel better. Most of the signs above applied to me at that time. Luckily, one day I realized that the happiness I was getting from buying things was only short lived and that I felt worse a few days later. I have since changed my ways.

    • Avatar[email protected] says

      Glad you agree these can be a shortcut – I came up with them by remembering what I used to do. Now our bank balance is checked every week – and there are no surprises. Good.

  2. Avatar[email protected] says

    LOL – I was reading this and thinking “This sounds like Maria”

    I am proud to report that my friend does indeed now know the price of a pint of milk, the best place to buy it, the best place to store it …. and at a pinch how to water it down to make it do one more breakfast LOL

    But its true – inattention is the killer. Much more empowering when you “know your numbers”

    • Avatar[email protected] says

      Yeah! Thanks for outing me; would you like to tell these good people the rest?

      Yep, we need to know to be able to decide on action. What stops us is the universal stopper – fear. We fear what we will see on the financial statement so we don’t check! I still fear it sometimes but now I can cope with that.

  3. AvatarMillennial Money says

    What’s surprising is how emotive this list is. Everything seems to be based on fear and suspicion. Conversely, making smart economic decisions is usually much more measured and rational. Thanks for pointing this out.

    • Jon DulinJon Dulin says

      We make so many mistakes by letting our emotions get involved. This is true in every aspect of life – from money to love. The more we can push emotion out and logically think things through, the better off we will be.