About Cindy Brick

Cindy Brick is a personal property appraiser, judge and national teacher who loves to write about frugality and other personal finance topics. She has written six books and hundreds of articles, but often focuses on quilting, her teaching specialty. She lives in Colorado with her husband, two golden labs and a flock of very suspicious chickens. Find out more at Brickworks, http://www.cindybrick.com, or visit her personal blog: http://www.cindybrick.blogspot.com


  1. AvatarCrystal says

    I particularly like #4, let the other stuff go – except it can become a habit (oops). In getting my hubby’s true story of his family’s struggle and triumph creating a self-sufficient life in the wilderness edited and published, I’ve let a lot of house stuff and cooking go by the wayside and now I just don’t want to go back to my old habits! Maybe after I take a breather I’ll be inspired to cook and clean again.