25 Genius Ways To Stay Cool This Summer


stay cool in summerWith summer comes the heat and humidity. When it gets really hot an oppressive, you will try to do anything to beat the heat and stay cool.

Blast your air conditioner. Turn on the fans. Heck you might even sleep naked!

These are all ways to stay cool in summer, but there is one problem.

Most of the ways for you to keep cool in summer have an impact on your electric bill.

There is nothing worse than opening that bill and having your jaw hit the floor due to the high cost of staying cool.

There have to be some ways to easily keep cool in summer that won’t have a negative impact on your wallet by increasing your electric bill.

So I started to research and find the best ways to keep cool all summer long. I’ve gathered the best tips and tricks and present them to you here.

Below you’ll find over 25 easy ways beat the heat this summer.

Read through and pick out your favorites so you can enjoy a sweat free summer!

25 Ways Genius To Stay Cool In Summer

#1. Carry a small spray bottle of water.

Use it to spritz yourself occasionally.

This is surprisingly refreshing, especially if you add a bit of lavender or lemon scent.

The best part is you can use this tip to keep your body cool in the sun and in the shade.

#2. Slice a cucumber thinly into a pitcher of water.

Add a teaspoon of grated ginger root and a few sprigs of mint.

Keep refrigerated, and sip a glass every now and then. This refreshing drink will help you forget about the summer heat.

#3. Keep a small portable fan.

They don’t use much electricity to run and if you spritz yourself occasionally like in the first tip, you might actually get cold when the air from the fan blows on you.

#4. Close up all the windows in the day.

Then open them again at night, when breezes are cooler.

If you have an attic fan, make sure you run this during the day to help push the warm out of your house.

Just be mindful of how hot it is in your house during the day.

If it is really hot, you might have to open the windows so you don’t bake in your own house.

#5. Thin, sheer curtains help keep out the sun.

Besides, they look so refreshing blowing in the breeze.

Take the heavy curtains down, and keep your windows shining clean for a mental boost, as well as a physical one.

I was amazed at how well this worked to keep a room cool in the summer naturally.

My daughter’s bedroom was always hot when it was time for her afternoon nap. We started to keep the blinds closed to block out the hot summer sun and the temperature difference was noticeable.

#6. Know your house.

Related to the point above, understand how your house is situated and where the sun shines.

You want to keep windows that face south and west blocked during the summer.

This is because the sun will be shining in these windows all day long. By using curtain to block the sun, you keep the room cool in summer naturally.

#7. Install ceiling fans.

They will cost you some money upfront to buy and install, but they work like magic to cool down a room fast.

We keep ours on all summer long and since we began using them, we keep the air conditioner on a warmer setting.

The reason this works is simple.

The air moving across your body naturally keeps you cool.

#8. Drink iced coffee, tea or a big glass of water with ice.

Any cold drink will help keep your body cool in summer.

Just be mindful of what you are drinking. Too much soda and you can quickly dehydrate yourself.

#9. Give a few chunks of ice to your pet.

They will lick the ice and it helps to keep them cool. Dogs especially enjoy the crunchy effects.

#10. Try a small ice cube down your shirt.

Ever have someone put an ice cube down your shirt? If so, you know how quickly it will help you to stay cool.

Of course, it melts, so be sure to wrap it in a wash cloth or small thin towel to keep your clothes dry.

#11. Try a cooling towel or bandanna.

The best one is from MiraCool.

Buy at least two (or four if you are married). Then use one to keep cool and the one for the freezer. Then swap them when needed.

#12. Wet a plain handkerchief or bandanna.

If you don’t want to spend the money on a cooling towel, then use a handkerchief or bandana.

Simply run it under cold water and wrap it around your head. You can use a ball cap to hold it in place.

Doing this will keep your head in the shade and keep you cool.

#13. Pour a pint of water into the hat or ball cap.

Here is another option to keep cool in the sun. Once the hat is soaked, you can wear it and enjoy the cooling effect.

#14. Keep your oven use to a minimum.

It’s no surprise that an over puts off a lot of heat. Even if you keep it closed after cooking, heat will disperse into your home.

Instead, try to use the microwave as much as possible.

The heat won’t emit into your house and you will use a lot less electricity too.

#15. Grill as much of your entrees as possible.

Another option to consider instead of the oven is your grill. Since the grill is outside, none of the heat will get into the house.

And here is a bonus tip if the summer heat is really unbearable. Grill a few meals at once, early in the morning before it gets too hot.

Then freeze or refrigerate until needed and reheat them in the microwave.

#16. Stop cooking.

Another option to keep the house cool is to not cook at all. Make several cold dishes that can be served throughout the week.

Salads, cold pastas, potato salads, coleslaws, cold chicken salads that can be served on tortilla shells and other cold dishes go a long way in getting rid of the need to use the oven.  

#17. Treat yourself to ice cream.

Not only will eating it help to you to stay cool this summer, but since it is an enjoyable treat, you will forget about the heat, at least temporarily.

#18. Freeze sliced bananas, berries, peaches and other fruit.

Dip them in chocolate sauce or whipped cream before enjoying. Or dump them fresh on ice cream.

Just like with the tip above, this is an excellent way to keep cool. Just make sure you don’t indulge too much!

#19. Try a lukewarm bath or shower.

You might not think of taking a warm bath will help you to beat the heat.

But the drying moisture will cool your body temperature down.

You might even want to stand in front of your fan to dry yourself off. The blowing air will definitely make you cool.

#20. Keep body lotion in the refrigerator.

If you regularly use body lotion, keep it in the refrigerator. Then when you go to apply it, it will be nice and cold, offering you relief from the heart.

#21. Cologne and perfume are also refreshing this way.

Try spraying them lightly on your pillow, just before bed.

The familiar scent will calm you down and help you to take your mind off the heat.

As an added bonus, if you have lavender use this on your pillow. It is said to promote restful sleep.

#22. Wash your feet, hands and face.

Many people think they need a bath or a shower to cool down. But by simply washing your hands, feet and face, you will get relief from the heat.

#23. Use a solar dryer.

Instead of running your dryer during the summer, hang your clothes outside on a line and let the sun dry them.

If you don’t have room for a clothes line, buy a drying rack instead.

You’ll save on energy costs and the dryer won’t be adding heat to your home.

The only catch here is to pay attention to the humidity level. If it is oppressively humid, it will take your clothes a lot longer to dry outside.

#24. Watch ‘icy’ movies or TV shows that focus on winter.

This will sound crazy but immersing yourself in these stories with cold climates will make you forget about the heat.

#25. Replace or clean your air filter.

You should be replacing your air conditioner air filter every 3 to 6 months. If you have a reusable one, then you should clean it on the same schedule.

And if you have pets, you may want to replace or clean your filter more frequently.

How will this help you to stay cool in summer?

Having a clean air filter ensures your air conditioner runs at peak performance, providing cold air and using as little electricity as possible.

#26. Get your air conditioner serviced.

Here is another way to keep cool during the summer months. By having your unit serviced, you lower the likelihood of it breaking at the worst possible time.

Additionally, you can find small problems and get them fixed before they turn into major financial burdens.

#27. Get a swamp cooler.

Also known as a desert cooler or an evaporative cooler, this unit uses water to cool the air.

Many times, it can be much more cost efficient than an air conditioner. Here is the best one for sale on Amazon.

Wrapping Up

There are 25 easy ways to stay cool in summer.

I like to combine many of these tips and tricks for staying cool to help me survive the summer heat and keep my electric bill in check.

With a little thought and ingenuity, you can beat the heat and not suffer through the summer heat while at the same time keeping your electric bill at a level that allows you to pay it in full.

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