1. You make an important point that the media likes to skip over. Those who stop looking or have exhausted their unemployment benefits and stop filing are not counted into most of those reports, thus they say, “See it’s getting better!” when in fact the news is even more dismal than ever.

  2. Comment,
    Part of the problem in the Niagara area is that the companies that have put people out of work are U.S owned and operated.They are ruthless and our goernment needs to re clarify the free trade agreement and step in to protect the people of Canada before our entire country is destroyed this way.

  3. Sadly I am personally aware of several people looking for work, anything! If you do not have a car and live in a small town you are in serious trouble of finding work. the ones that do work are nailed in taxes over and over again, hardly seems like a winning combination. to work or not work that is the question.

  4. This is a problem created by decades of bad decisions made by politicians and business leaders. Outsourcing has just killed our country and the tax code has been set up in a way to encourage this stuff. Many of our largest countries have used offshore tax planning that has reduced our revenue. With our current deficit we have no monies to retrain and teach our population and to get programs to get them moving again. With political gridlock between the parties the situation will continue to be impossible to solve.