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  1. Am I the first to point this out? If a 40 pound bag of ice melt is $17 and water softener salt costs $6 for the same size bag then you save $11 per bag, not $9. It’s a 64.7% savings, not over 65% savings.

  2. Yes, Salt is Salt. HOWEVER , water softener salt is MUCH more coarse and thus much much larger pellets, so it’s a bit of a pain for snow melting. Of course, it works, but at the end of the day, not sure that you save much unless you feel like crushing your bag of water softener salt.. No big deal. But caveat emptor

  3. Hi. I was looking for rock salt to make a homemade dehumidifier for my sun-room which always feels muggy and humid due to our high humidity in South Texas, & my sun-room does not have air conditioning. But, my husband brought home Water Softener Salt Pellets instead of rock salt. Will Water Softener Salt Pellets work just the same as rock salt for my DIY homemade dehumidifier? Can you help me solve this question? Thank you.

  4. This is interesting, however, do we know what’s the temperature rating for water softener salt?

    We get temps around -10F to -40F. Certain salt, especially the pet safe kind, has a rating of about 15F – this means that anything below that temp and sub-zero temps will make the salt not work.

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