About Jim Tolley

JT writes about general financial topics and shares some personal experiences here on Penny Thots as well as his two other blogs, Cash Flow Mantra. When not blogging, JT works full-time and tries, along with his lovely wife, to corral a half dozen kids.


  1. AvatarSavvy Scot says

    Wanted to take the opportunity to make the first ever comment. Really glad to be part of PennyThots and excited about what’s to come! 🙂

    • Avataradmin says

      Congratulations! The first comment is yours. I am excited as well and am pleased to be working with such a wonderful team of contributors.

  2. AvatarCarrie Hetu says

    Looking real good here! This is really exciting to be part of such a variety of wonderful contributors. Most definitely there will be something for everyone here!

  3. AvatarMatt @ RamblingFever Money says

    Just read through the bios of everybody listed so far. What an incredibly diverse group! This should be fun and interesting to say the least.

    Working hard to get ahead on my blog so I can start writing for this one. Very excited for the possibilities here.

  4. AvatarMoneySmartGuides says

    I’ve been excited to start writing for the blog and now that I can “see” the blog I am even more excited. I’m off to read the bio’s and get even more excited!

    • Avataradmin says

      It is great to start seeing the whole thing take some shape. I still have some work on the various pages and logo, but it is coming together.

  5. AvatarMary says

    So glad to see the first post of this new blog and really looking forward to the first of April. After reading the bios, looks like we have a great group of writers with a lot of diversity….and am honoured to be included in the group. I know there will be lots of good things to come!

    • Avataradmin says

      I am sure that there will be lots of good content. I am pleased with what I have read so far.

  6. AvatarElaine Colliar says

    Hello peeps – am taking a media detox next week to the Isle of Arran – going “Old Skool” with paper, pen and mind maps to create some new articles.