1. Although I hear what you’re saying, I would also ask the question of Price Waterhouse Coopers,
    “How many women have you actually offered positions to?”

    That would include the management positions that lead to directorships.

    Yes, women consider their families. Yes, they may limit their work until their kids are grown. (Or at least school-age.) But I am not a big fan of typecasting anyone — male OR female — in any article.

  2. First of all, having a family IS a challenging career and I think awareness of (and respect for) that fact is the more important thing to change in our culture. After all, there is no more important job for the betterment of society and the future than the proper rearing of children. Secondly, maybe it’s their families that these women don’t want to let down. Yes, balancing work and family can be done (been there, done that) but it’s not easy, even when it’s just a job and not a demanding career. But with a job, you can usually leave it at work, while a career often comes home with you at the end of the day.