1. So, are you actually renting them? Or buying on time? Do you give them back at the end of the term? Can you turn them in early and not pay for months not used?

    I also think this is a horrible idea if you’re actually buying the tires or, worse yet, have to pay the whole term and then give them back. But say you needed a decent set of tires for a cross-country trip and could rent them for just a month, it might be a good deal if you couldn’t afford to buy a set. I’m pretty sure that’s probably not how it works, though…

  2. We don’t own a car, but we have three motorcycles. If ever that we need to change our old tires we bought a new tire. We had also tried to recapped our old tires, but we observed that the recapped tires and brand new tires have almost the same price, but the recapped tires will only last for a few months unlike to the brand new tires that you will lasts longer.