About Edward Antrobus

Edward Antrobus is a food blogger, personal finance writer, ebook specialist, and construction worker.

His mother's favorite saying is, "if you can read, you can cook." She firmly believes that making simple dishes is not much more difficult than reading the directions on a recipe. His goal is to take the mystery out of cooking and endow everyone with the basic skills needed to cook your own food and save a fortune by not having to dine out all the time.


  1. Avatar[email protected] says

    I so agree – where is the “cheerleader smiley?” WE are playing with home made cuury paste at the moment – so far we have made Korma and Bhuna curries that out perform anything in a mix or a jar. Just soooo tasty – and NOTHING artificial, just cook up a batch and freeze the paste till you need it.

    Whole batch (20 portions worth) cost less than one jar of sauce – no multiply that by your family’s favourite meals over a year or so and there are substantial savings to be made.

  2. AvatarMoneySmartGuides says

    Great point as to why most people buy the packet as opposed to making it themself: intimidation. The same applies to managing your money. When you are intimidated, you will simply keep your money in a savings account and not earning a higher return. Take some time to educate yourself on the topic and you will benefit enormously.

  3. AvatarMary says

    Good points here, Ed…..and if you don’t want to store all the different ingredients needed, you can buy them fresh from bulk stores as you need them. Once mixed, they last a long time and you don’t need to wonder if you remembered to pick up the packet. Another good thing to doing it yourself is that you don’t get all the added salt! It’s amazing how much sodium is in those packages!

  4. AvatarPoor to Rich says

    That really depends on where you live, spices are incredibly high in my area, family many times have been giving me spices as a gift due to the outrageous rip off prices in my area. A tiny tiny bottle of chili powser is over $4 where I live , curry tiny bottle for $5! Seriously ridiculous prices yet I found a huge bottle of taco seasoning on sale for $3 so for me although not healthy, definatly cheaper than buying the individual spices to mix my own! Sigh, really need to get a herb garden put in!

  5. AvatarSkint in the City says

    Couldn’t agree more with this. I think all pre-prepared spice mixes aren’t just overpriced, but also inferior in terms of taste to ones you can make yourself. For the cheapest spices I go to ethnic stores. I can pick up big packs of cumin, paprika, coriander etc for less than £1, whereas titchy jars of the same stuff costs around £1.50 in supermarkets.

  6. Avatar[email protected] says

    Or check out buying spices online – there are about 3-4 fantastic websites here in the UK that you can buy spices at wholesale rate.

    Poor to Rich – I can feel a “Red Cross Spice Parcel” coming on as those prices are outrageous my love.

  7. AvatarPoor to Rich says

    LOL Elaine! Yeah I have thought about shopping onlne for them, I just never seem to think of it when I am shopping online!

    Edward, I wish we had ethnic stores in my area, unfortuantly that is a downside to tiny rural areas…..I would have to drive over an hour for an ethnic store 🙁

  8. AvatarBarry Wilson says

    Great ideas – thank you for sharing! I hadn’t ever considered how seasoning mixes were wasting money – but now I realize how much I could be saving… thanks!